Making Your Home a Cozy, Rustic Retreat

February 12th, 2016
primitive, rustic home

There is nothing better than stepping into your home after a long day of work and immediately feeling cozy, comfortable and relaxed, and there is no home décor style that emulates these emotions more than the country primitive style that we at The Red Brick Cottage love. Regardless of where you live, there are plenty of ways to create a warm, rustic atmosphere within. Here are some great ways to get the look you are searching for:

Mix Materials

When it comes to decorating your rustic home, feel free to mix things up! Metals like copper and bronze look beautiful with wood accents, and colorful quilts are a wonderful way to add a splash of fun. A rustic styled home can be as eclectic as you would like, so feel free to set a carved swan on the same shelf as a primitive doll or a lantern. Country decorations should be collected naturally, so when you find something you absolutely love, pick it up and add it to your one-of-a-kind collection.

Balance Whites and Neutrals

Neutral hues like beige and brown, along with natural wood are the most common features in a rustic home, but too much of these colors can make your home feel dark and dreary. Adding a balance of white to your home décor style will brighten up the rooms, creating a clean crisp feeling. For example, if a room of your house has a wood ceiling, floor and furniture, combat these rich hues with simple white walls. Primitive accents like this white lantern can add brightness as well.
Interested in adding some country primitive style to your home? The Red Brick Cottage has everything you need to accentuate your rustic style. From lanterns and quilts to wooden furniture and decorative pieces, there are so many beautiful and unique items to choose from. Shop with us online or visit our Radcliff, Kentucky shop at 776 South Dixie Boulevard.

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