Updating Your Wardrobe for the Cozy Fall Season

After a long, hot Kentucky summer, the month of September is finally here! Fall is just a few weeks away; soon the leaves will begin to change and fall scented candles will fill our homes with a warm, cozy glow. Here at The Red Brick Cottage, fall is one of our favorite times of year, because it is the perfect time for every homeowner to add a bit of rustic, country style to their home. As the seasons change, there will be corduroy pillows, flannel blankets, orange and yellow flowers, and pumpkin themed décor.

Updating Your Wardrobe for the Cozy Fall Season And if you are like us, you are probably just as interested in your fall fashion choices are you are in your seasonal interior design options.

This season we love the look that is being created by pairing leather boots with boot socks. Both a stylish and comfortable fall accessory, boot socks give practically every outfit that little extra flair it needs to become one-of-a-kind. Worn with a long sweater and leggings, or a dress and a pair of tights, they complement all of our favorite fall fashion trends perfectly.

Best of all, The Red Brick Cottage offers a wide selection of fall fashion pieces right in our shop! We have medium and tall knit boot socks decorated with buttons or lace. Available in shades of black, brown, gray, tan and red, they are made to fit all calve sizes.

Stop on by to shop for all your autumnal needs (both home and fashion) or give us a call at 270-351-1224 to place your order.

Preparing Your Country Primitive Home for Fall

fall lantern

Here at The Red Brick Cottage our End-of-Summer Sale is in full swing and we could not be more excited! As much as we love this sunny season, we are really looking forward to the cool fall months. Why? Because there are so many incredible country primitive interior design trends we can’t wait to incorporate into our homes!

Lanterns & Candles

An accent piece that can fit into any room of your home, rustic-inspired lanterns add to the warm, hospitable atmosphere that you want your home to provide as the weather gets chilly. This cozy, primitive accent piece can be emphasized even further with the addition of a flameless candle.

A lovely way to add the comforting flicker of candlelight to your space without having to worry about kids and pets bumping into a real flame, flameless candles are a safer and easier-to-enjoy option than their flamed counterparts. No longer will you have to worry about blowing out candles before you go to bed; just accent your rustic lanterns with flameless candles that you love and enjoy their comforting beauty.

Seasonal Flowers

The fastest and cheeriest way to add a seasonal touch to your home is with updated flower arrangements! To inspire fall feelings in your space, we especially love the look of mums in hues of orange, red and yellow. And while fresh flowers are absolutely breathtaking, it can be time consuming to constantly have to update your arrangements. Instead, stop by The Red Brick Cottage to pick up some of our beautiful, realistic artificial arrangements. Our mums were recently featured in Country Sampler Magazine and we have a variety of different colors available.

For individuals shopping from outside the Louisville, Kentucky area, please call our shop at 270-351-1224 to place your order or shop with us online here.

Finding Good Blankets & Quilts In Preparation For Fall & Winter

Finding Good Blankets & Quilts In Preparation For Fall & Winter

The best part of the last two seasons of the year is the opportunity to get cuddled under a nice soft blanket or quilt after a long and cold day.


Fall and winter are those seasons where we get excited about the cozy pieces in our wardrobe and the chance to curl up and get warm under a blanket. While we don’t wish these two seasons to come too fast, having the chance to snuggle up, though, is welcomed.


Sometimes all it takes for you to de-stress from a difficult day trudging through the damp, cold, and blustery snow is knowing there is a super soft, big, warm, and inviting blanket at home.


Keeping blankets and quilts on hand at home during the fall and winter months is always a good idea. Blankets and quilts are different but generally offer the same results.


Blankets can be made of various fabrics and are typically plush and fluffy. Blankets are often one color, but can be of a certain design theme like a holiday.


Quilts are a patchwork of patterns and are commonly thinner than a blanket, but still provide plenty of warmth. Quilts are colorful and definitely full of varying patterns, themes, and designs.


The Red Brick Cottage has a wide variety of blankets and quilt bedding sets available in great colors and themes. All are of high quality and provide lasting comfort and warmth during those cold, yet cozy seasons.


If you have any questions about our blankets or quilt sets, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you stay warm.