What You Need To Prepare Delicious Foods For Labor Day 2015

What You Need To Prepare Delicious Foods For Labor Day 2015

Labor Day 2015 is on Monday September, 7th and most Americans will be spending it relaxing, barbecuing, and enjoying familiar company in beautiful weather.


As we celebrate the American labor movement, Labor Day is the one day where workers resign from doing or thinking about work.


Picnics are planned, home-cooked meals are prepared, and fun in the sun – this is why Labor Day is such an honored day in the lives of the working American people.


If you are planning on hosting or going to a cookout with family and friends, you’ll want to bring some savory dishes that are easy to make and will impress the crowd you’re feeding.


There are a ton of recipes that taste great, but the prep time is more than the actual cooking and the ingredients are overwhelming and expensive. You will spend more of your pre-party time concocting a mystery dish when you should be making something simple and delicious.


Here are two of our favorite products that will help you make great food for your Labor Day gathering.


What You Need To Prepare Delicious Foods For Labor Day 2015Maker’s Mark Bourbon BBQ Sauce – this sauce has all of what you’d expect in a BBQ sauce, it’s sweet, tangy, and has a nice smoky flavor that will increase the flavor value of your BBQ meat. Pour over chicken, pork, or ribs for the ultimate BBQ taste.


Wind & Willow Gourmet Dip Mixes – dips represent the picnic vibe. As the perfect appetizer, you can dip in with homemade pita chips, taco chips and even fresh vegetables. These dips just need to be mixed with sour cream and mayo. In a few easy steps you have fantastic and incredibly delicious dips. There are 6 different flavors to choose from.


You can view and purchase these products on our website. If you have any questions about our sauces and dip mixes, feel free to contact us.