Preparing Your Backyard For Summer

Preparing Your Backyard For Summer

The first official day of summer 2015 is June 21st. While that is still a month away, you may be itching to get your outdoor space ready for entertaining and relaxing in the sun.


After the winter we had, a great summer is well deserved and the best place to spend lazy summer days is in your very own backyard.


Your backyard is your own personal oasis to do with it as you wish. Whether you have a grand patio with elegant furniture or a simple grassy space with wicker benches and chairs, it is a space for you to relax.


An outdoor space would not be the same without picnic accessories and decor. To complete the look, you don’t want to forget the tableware, items for the garden, and party accessories. Having these will help you create a truly special place in your backyard.


Some of what can be utilized outdoors are: Preparing Your Backyard For Summer


  • Weather resistant table linens along with plates and utensils. You can find a unique pattern to suit your style, rather than having to go plain.
  • Furniture accents are the simplest pieces for spicing up a space. Decorative throw pillows, blanket for those cold evenings, and foot rests make a very inviting space.
  • Lanterns, flameless candles, decorative baskets, and wreaths are not only great additions to decor, but they are useful as well.


As you begin preparing for summer, don’t forget about making your yard the ideal space that you want to spend with family and friends or for a peaceful day alone. Also don’t forget to complete your rustic, traditional country display at home this Memorial Day and summer. The epitome of patriotism, the amazing 18″ reversible Indoor/Outdoor Prim Flag Pillow is a must have. This will also make an amazing gift item for the patriot in your life! At The Red Brick Cottage, we have stocked our store with many items that can help you achieve the ultimate backyard. Visit our online store to see what we have to offer.