Finding Good Blankets & Quilts In Preparation For Fall & Winter

Finding Good Blankets & Quilts In Preparation For Fall & Winter

The best part of the last two seasons of the year is the opportunity to get cuddled under a nice soft blanket or quilt after a long and cold day.


Fall and winter are those seasons where we get excited about the cozy pieces in our wardrobe and the chance to curl up and get warm under a blanket. While we don’t wish these two seasons to come too fast, having the chance to snuggle up, though, is welcomed.


Sometimes all it takes for you to de-stress from a difficult day trudging through the damp, cold, and blustery snow is knowing there is a super soft, big, warm, and inviting blanket at home.


Keeping blankets and quilts on hand at home during the fall and winter months is always a good idea. Blankets and quilts are different but generally offer the same results.


Blankets can be made of various fabrics and are typically plush and fluffy. Blankets are often one color, but can be of a certain design theme like a holiday.


Quilts are a patchwork of patterns and are commonly thinner than a blanket, but still provide plenty of warmth. Quilts are colorful and definitely full of varying patterns, themes, and designs.


The Red Brick Cottage has a wide variety of blankets and quilt bedding sets available in great colors and themes. All are of high quality and provide lasting comfort and warmth during those cold, yet cozy seasons.


If you have any questions about our blankets or quilt sets, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you stay warm.