A Flameless Candle With a Realistic Moving Flame

A Flameless Candle With a Realistic Moving Flame

Candles evoke a sense of calming and illuminate a space to feel cozy and romantic. While candles are a wonderful décor accent of a home, they can be hazardous in the wrong conditions, such as with small children, pets and those with allergies.


In the above scenarios, candles can do more harm than good and that is just not a risk we’re sure you want to take. Small children are unexpected with their curiosity, pets won’t understand the danger of a candle, and candle scents and smoke can wreak havoc on a person’s allergies. These circumstances can certainly become a bummer for those who truly love burning candles.


Go Flameless Without the Real Candle Complications

A Flameless Candle With a Realistic Moving Flame


However, there is a solution to burning a candle without worry. Can you believe that there is a battery operated and flameless candle? Well there is and it looks and acts just like a real candle without a real flame. There is no scent emanated from the candle, but you get that same comforting glow.


These candles are so realistic, it is unbelievable. The plastic flame moves in a natural way, mimicking that of a flamed candle and has a smooth texture as well. There is an on/off switch with a 5 hour run time and 19 hour shut off time. The candle is stunning itself, which makes it a bonus feature for room décor. Your holiday decorating will be complimented with these candles, guaranteed.


Without the hassle of lighting a candle or the worry that you might’ve forgotten to blow it out, this regular or primitive flameless candle gives you all that a real candle would. If this is a product you find interesting, you can contact us at The Red Brick Cottage. You may also make an order online!




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